Siraaj Needs a Break

Thursday, February 2, 2023
19:00 at Manchester Makerspace in Manchester
organized by Kyle Roucis
Item and Effect Creation in Minecraft

Custom super-powerful items in Minecraft using command scripts and scoreboards.

Manchester Makerspace's Custom Doorbell

A networked and remote doorbell and surveillance system for the Manchester Makerspace.


PiHole and self-hosted DNS

Using PiHole to control DNS resolution, monitoring ads and tracking requests from apps as well as potentially blacklisting sites and providing fine-grained parental controls.


Unreal's Blueprint visual scripting

Visual scripting’s sordid history and Epic’s bizarre but seemingly successful creation and adoption of its Blueprints visual scripting system.

Rust Web Service from Scratch

A learning email newsletter and web service written from scratch in the Rust programming language.


Easy Self-hosted Maps.

Using Sandstorm to host your own Google Maps replacement with collaborative trip planning and more!