Tuna Pizza

Thursday, March 10, 2022
18:00 at Raven Labs in Manchester
organized by Siraaj Khandkar

A night of lasers, robots, Italian pizza and California wine (which hit some harder than others).

gg: the gitter of gits

A tool to locate, compare and cross-reference all your git repositories accross machines.


Pi Bramble

A cluster or Rasberry Pi’s managed by kubernetes to deploy a drupal website.


3 DOF Robotic Arm

In this project, my team and I used a 3 DOF robotic manipulator and a USB webcam to implement an automated pick and place system. Through image processing, the system was able to detect and locate objects of a specific color. Using forward and inverse position and velocity kinematics, my team and Ideveloped a program to command a robotic arm to pick and place colored spheres until there were none remaining in the workspace. This system was also capable of sorting a specific non-spherical random object and able to dynamically track an object.



A bytecode-driven dynamic-dispatched object-oriented so-many-hyphens virtual machine built in C and based on the Objective-C dynamic dispatch object model.